This week's Show: motivation for movement

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#1 The obstacle is the path


Meet your hosts, Kelly and Maria and hear how each has overcome adversity and get tips on how you can conquer challenges.


#2 Pump up your confidence


Kelly and Maria discuss how to pump up your confidence using  the CPR method and share some great stories. 


#3 Failure can be your friend


A great interview with Open Water National Team Member Hannah Moore and discussion of making failure work for you.

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#4 Regain Form after Illness or Injury


A candid interview with Olympic Swimming Medalist Mitzi Kremer (photo far R). Mitzi overcame much to achieve her Olympic dreams.

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#5 Getting Grit


International Best Selling Author, Caroline Adams Miller discusses how we can get more grit into our lives and our children's lives. And what is good grit and bad grit.

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#6 Innovate for Success


A sterling interview with 3-Time Olympic Gold Medalist and the Co-Founder of SwimSwam, Mel Stewart. Much wisdom and take away.

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#7 Team up for Success: The Andrew Family


World Champion Swimmer Michael Andrew and his father / coach Peter discuss working as a team and how we can build our own teams for success. And we get a peek into Michael's future goals.

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#8 The necessity of Rest & Relaxation


Hear Maria's amazing story of her Race Across America van accident that knocked her out of the race and forced her to rest. And a great discussion on the benefits and tips for taking needed R&R.

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#9 Ginny King on raising Superstar Lilly King


Ginny King and her husband Mark are both athletes, Ginny swam in college. Besides Lilly their son Alex is also an NCAA D1 swimmer. You'll love this in depth discussion on the intentional, step wise parenting they gave their kids and some great insight into how Lilly developed into the star she is.

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#10 Win by hitting small goals


You're going to want to tune in to Maria and Kelly's perspective about how short term goals really win the day. You'll hear the details of the harrowing trenches of RAAM w/Maria's famous "mailboxes" story. Kelly reveals how hitting small goals helped her through breast cancer.

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#11 Winning Authentically


A road trip interview with Braden Holloway of NC STATE, one of the nations hottest swim coaches reveals how authenticity plays a big role in his success and his athletes'. And you'll hear some great advice for mastering your mindset.  Photo credit Caide Wooten/Techician.

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#12 Motivation for Movement


This is one of the best episodes if you like great stories. Kelly and Maria discuss on how important moving is and the difference between that and exercise. You'll hear Kelly's amazing story of running out of NYC on September 11, 2001 and how Maria got her start as an adult athlete. Guaranteed to motivate you.

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#13 Achieving Excellence: Mark Bernardino


Legendary Swim Coach Mark Bernardino, Associate Head Coach at NC STATE University, imparts some amazing wisdom from over 40 years of coaching Champions. He discusses what he thinks makes a champion and tells some fantastic stories that will motivate you. Photo credit,

Coming May 28, 2019

#14 Dealing w/Pain & Suffering


Nothing teaches you about pain and suffering better than endurance athletics. Kelly and Maria are both top endurance athletes and share with you some of their mojo for dealing with pain and suffering in both sports and life and how that can help you. Great stories you'll love!

coming june 4, 2019

#15 Unfinished Business: Ray Looze


Ray Looze Head Men's and Women's Coach at Indian University has had amazing success as a swimmer and a Coach. He thinks his drive may be motivated by his own unfinished business.  Looze was on the USA 2016 Olympic Team Staff and coached seven 2016 Olympians. You'll love to hear his perspective. Photo Credit

COMING june 11, 2019